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At first I was skeptical of getting involved in yet another "exercise" program at my age, but I quickly found out that the benefits of participating in the Fireweed Human Performance program can enhance overall quality of life.  Kathy Linton, my Personal Trainer, designed a twice weekly, 30 minute strength training program, focusing on improving my overall mobillity for everyday activities (and improving my golf game!).  The weekly plan is done at my convenience and easily fits into my schedule, and the results are amazing - increased muscle strength, better balance and more flexibility.  I can now put my pants on easily while standing up, carry a 1 gallon water jug in one hand effortlessly, and open jars with ease.

I also was experiencing hip pain whenever I went for a walk of more than 15 minutes.  Kathy designed specific exercises and incorporated a weekly walking schedule into my program - and I was able to walk my first 5K ever this year on my 77th birthday without any pain or discomfort.  I am so very pleased with the progress I am making during these 8 months of working with Kathy.  I can move around more easily, have increased energy, improved balance, and no longer worry about having a fall that could cause serious health issues.  I can’t say enough about how Kathy and the Fireweed Human Performance program has changed my outlook on living a long healthy lifestyle. 

Kathy's consistent enthusiasm, support and passion even make the workouts fun, especially when done via teleconference.  Thank you Kathy!

Marie P. - Online Client

Kathy with Fireweed Human Performance did an in-depth range of motion assessment and made a strength program for me that mainly focus on my upper body and leg strength.  The three strength training sessions are all different which I alternate days with walking on the treadmill.  The exercises aren't complicated at all!  I also work on my balance everyday. I have noticed vast improvements in my arm and leg strength in the four months I've been doing this program.  If I can do this program, anyone can!

Pat H. - Online Client

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